Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday... The big 21!

It was my birthday on the 23rd. And I had a fun day with Roxanne. This girl is a hoot poot! First she came over at about 12 and we went to my moms house (she has the pool) Then we went swimming for like 2 hours and just chatted about EVERYTHING and pretty much laughed the whole time. THEN while we were swimming I saw something weird out of the corner or my eye jumping in the water, when i looked over it took me a min, I then interrupted whatever Roxanne was saying and said "Hey.... there is a bird in the water." Roxanne saved the baby bird and it walked away to under the table to dry, later we lifted the table to make sure it was still alive and then she wrapped it in her towel dress thing and brought it over to where we were tanning. It eventually took off all dried and alive!
After all that we went inside, ate and watched Friends. Then my moms birthday gift to me was a hair cut! So Roxanne came with me to get that done! Its super short again, not as short has I have had it in the past, but almost.
After that I ate dinner with the Hales. Sister Hale was also a hoot that night!
When we were done eating Roxanne and I went to the laundry matt to wash 4 sleeping bags. While they were washing and drying we were being girly girls and reading the stories and surveys in the Cosmo and Glamor magazines! haha. They were funny.
Then Roxanne took me home. And that was my night. I came home to find no lights had been left on for me so i stumbled up the stairs and took like 5 mins to find the key hole, then when I finally get the door unlocked I cant get it open all the way because Billys shoes were just kicked off in front of it and now wedged under it. When I finally got in he was asleep on the couch and had made a HUGE mess with whatever he ate. I guess that was my gift from him..... cleaning up. So sweet. haha.

well that was about it.
I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I would share.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Floatin down the river....

So I have been in Yuma all weekend. Luckily its been just as hot as Phoenix so I'm not dying.

So yesterday we went floating down the river to have a bbq at the park. It was fun and funny. Billy, Jeramey and their parents went down in inner tubes, while Melissa, Brynn, Kenzy and I went in a little raft boat thing.... I didn't want my hair to get wet haha.... and Skyler just pretty much swam down with a life jacket.It took us a little over 30 mins to get down the river to the park. I was surprised I didn't get burnt. Brynns little cheeks got a little red, but that was about it.
At the park I ate like 3 hot dogs, chips, 4 cups of lemonade, and still wanted more when we got home, then i ate 2 little pizzas! I better watch what I eat or I am going to gain more than just baby weight!

Well I'll write more about the float down another day, I'm hungry for breakfast. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Interesting Night

So last night I get a text from Billy like 10 mins after he just dropped me off at my moms house saying, "Somethings not right with KK I think her blood sugar is low Im giving her juice and soda I will let you know." Then he said she was "drowsy and out of it with a cold sweat like when someone is low." So I called him and had my mom speak to him. He then told us we should come over, so we started to get ready and he called again and asked if he should call 911 because she was making a weird face and grabbing her chest (now this is the aunt that went in for back surgery last year and had a heart attack on the table and died so they had to stop the surgery and then she ended up having to have a triple by pass, THEN she finally got her back fixed.... THEN she was passing out at home from the pain and she broke her dang ankle!) and we said yes to call them. I have to say the EMTs are FAST! We left the house before he called them and they STILL beat us there.
When we got there she was completely passed out and slumped over the side of her chair and totally wired up to everything possible, they had the IV going and like 5 billions other things (Oh I think i know the girl who was holding up the IV, she mus be and intern, thats all she did the whole time, but it was that awkward stare where you can help but look to try to figure out who they are, she did the same thing to me)
KK finally started to come around and she had no idea what was going on, she still thought she was on the couch telling billy what she wanted for dinner 2 hours before. Then it started to get funny. One of the EMTs put the oxygen mask on her and didn't warn her and she had the funniest face! "Oh sorry sweet heart! maybe i should warn you next time." Then she was asking whats going on and was all squirmy because they had the wires up her dress and she didn't know they they were EMTs and that it was ok. The main guy who was asking all the questions told her "Its ok, this is what we do, we come in, poke and prod everywhere." It was funny.
After only a few mins of the IV she was totally back as if nothing had happened. It was weird.
But during this whole thing we actually got all 3 of her sons to the house! We were telling her she should have done this earlier so we could all go out to eat after. but it was like almost 10 when the EMTs left.
Billy slept in the living room last night to check on her off and on. She didn't want him to but we told her to get over it.
All in all it was a very interesting night...... and still I am thinking about who that girl was! I SWEAR I must know her! I probably should have just asked. haha.
Oh well, Mike (one of my cousins) told KK that if she does this again dinner is on her. Since this whole thing happened because nothing sounded good to eat to her today even though she needed to eat. AND since she didn't call anyone to say she wasn't feeling right when we were right around the corner at Home Depot. Oh AND because she didn't tell us she felt weird before we left to go get stuff and food, she told just just go to the store first THEN get food. Shame on her. She doesn't like to bother people. Silly woman.

Well that was our night. Sounded fun didn't it?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 Months

Well I am finally 3 Months along now. It seemed like it took forever. There is always that little fear that it might not make it. But I made it to my second trimester! YAY ME! And i SWEAR like a few days after I realized how far along I was... the puking up everything stopped! YAY again! I can finally start gaining some weight. Before we found out I was pregnant I weighed a good 118, then when I went to see my midwife (I had already started with the morning sickness) I was 115, and it only took me 2 days of puking to get there. Since then I have fluctuated between 110 and 115, but more lately I have been sticking with 115. I am also starting to show. I was showing back around 2 months but it was only enough that I would notice since its my body and all. But now my friends say I always look like i just ate a good amount of burgers. Haha. Soon i can started buying maternity clothes, maybe I'll get some for my birthday.
Like Birds blog I have been super ditsy! My mom and Billy have noticed the most. I don't really notice till I find something I have been looking for hours later in the place where I could swear I looked.

So i chopped off all my hair again, I just got tired of it. Curly hair sucks. If i actually washed it everyday like people with straight hair do I would go through SO MUCH product. And plus your told you should only wash curly hair once every 3 days, otherwise it will get brittle and start to break. So in those 2 days I don't wash it, if i sleep I wake up with a rats nest that is impossible to manage. THEN when I wash my hair I have to take a pick in there with me and pick it all out! And let me tell you.... THAT HURTS! Plus I lose more hair than I should because it gets all tangled and pulled out. Sooooo I had my mom just chop it off. She cut off about 4 or 5 inches. It feels sooooooooo much better, now I can straighten it again! And it wont take me and hour to do it. Also I wont go through shampoo as fast anymore. Woo woo. I know this all seem like a small dilemma but its big to me, I have lived with this crazy hair my whole life and there is still no cure! haha.

Well I got to get my stuff packed and cleaned up so I can finally move into the guest house!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I decided to delete this blog because I reread through it an noticed I didn't explain it as well as I thought I had at the moment. I was distracted hah. Eh, I might get around to typing a better one, one that is not so scatter brained.
Till next time.
(which probably wont be for a while since I am hpoing to move out from my moms tonight, and unless there is wireless I can tap into at KKs house I wont have internet again. I must say, it does make it hard to find a job when you dont have the internet.)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Maybe i should be a writer.....

Or maybe i shouldn't seeing as i can spell all that well and my grammar is not all that swell. hehe well i guess i can rhyme.
Well the highlight of my last 3 days has been my addiction to those silly Twilight books. I got done with all 3 before Monday was over. See i have this problem with it comes to good books, i just cant seem to put them down, even if that means eating in my room just so i can lay down and read. The last time this happened it was ALL the Harry Potters. I finished 6 books in a span of only 5 days, THAN i anticipated the 7th edition like the big nerd that i am. Any who back to the Twilight saga.....
My super awesome friend Oralia (who i haven't seen since my last day of work by the way! and i miss her like CRAZY) started talking to me about these books she was reading and i realized they were the ones written by the BYU graduate Stephanie Meyers everyone at church has been talking about. When i told her she was Mormon she was all, "NO WAY!!!!!! Mormons and VAMPIRES!!??" Haha. Silly girl, we aren't all that sheltered and reserved, we do read other books you know. She tried talking me into buying just the first one for weeks, and i finally caved while at Target with me mum. Thus beginning my isolation to my room with my nose stuck in a book.
The books were addicting, BUT the writing you could tell was from a beginner, not that I'm an expert or anything. The books starts off with her using allot of "big" words that weren't really needed, but that fades away quickly after the first chapter. Then she foreshadows ALOT, a little too much if you ask me. I mean i figured out 90% of the second book before i even finished the first.
I had to laugh at Oralia when i was done reading them for her not even notice that this was CLEARLY written by someone who was LDS. The first MAJOR clue would have been the VAMPIRE (Vampire in all history and legend = Lust) not wanting to make love until he was married to the girl first. Not once in any book, movie, or storey have i ever heard of a vampire saying no.... All this though makes you love the character, who doesn't want a traditional, loyal, vampire who is willing to wait for you? haha.

(yes i know its two o'clock in the morning, my sleep hours are all messed up from reading)

So Oralia was right and now i cant wait for the next 2 books too come out, I mostly cant wait for the 5th one, it is supposed to be written from Edwards eyes instead of Bellas. And i also cant wait for the stinkin movie too.
This year i plan to see 2 movies in total. (unless i can afford others but these 2 for sure) Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince and now Twilight. During which i will be super fat since HP is in November and Twilight is in December.

Clearly i have ranted long enough. I suppose ill go to sleep now...... or reread the first book again........

Monday, June 2, 2008

What a week

Well right now i am staying with my mom till we get moved into my aunts guest house. There are more reasons for me to get out of bed here and frankly i am sick of our dark apartment. I am finally able to go in the guest house now because all the bug bomb stuff is gone and the paint is dry, so now i am going there everyday when my mom gets home from work to fix the floor that didn't get put down nicely. We were supposed to be out of our apartment on Saturday but no one in my family would help fix up the guest house and billy went to Yuma on Saturday, so now we have to still pay this months rent (when we just don't have the money so i don't know how we are going to do that) and some how make child support, a $600 phone billy because billy insisted on buying and playing games and using the Internet on his phone, AND also feed ourselves. Then i find out today that we are going to have to put down more money for the lawyer because the money that was already there is all spend because of the ridiculous things a certain ex wife is making us do..... like unneeded depos, i mean come on! i worked at a law firm for a year and not once did i come across a depo in family law. I have a feeling she is doing all this just to cause problems and feel in control. And to top all this off, we are STILL waiting for health insurance. I would REALLY like to get in and have a real check up.

All stress aside, no one else can tell except me but i am starting to not fit any of my clothes, BUT i am still too small for maternity stuff.... its annoying. I also STILL have morning, afternoon, and night sickness. But the prenatal stuff is making my hair and nails awesome. lol.

Well hopfully we get moved in by the 15th, then we might not have to pay the full months worth of rent.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Name change!

I changed the names i wanted.....

Roxanne Maybin Devey

Tristan Arthur Devey

Maybin is my Grandmothers maiden name and Arthur is my Grandfathers name.

okay, thats all.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm back....ish

Well i am on my mothers SUPER slow computer. I do believe it is the slowest computer out there. It took me like and hour just to recover my account, when it should have only taken about 10 mins TOPS!

Anywho, I haven't updated in forever! There is soooo many new things going on:

FIRST!!! the good!
The court stuff is going well, things are looking to go in our favor, I mean how could they not? I'm not going to get into it much today but basically we are just asking for more time with Brynn. Shared Custody. I'm sorry, but every other weekend minus the extra driving we have to do to even get her is just not enough.

Second!!! more good!
We are going to be moving again. This time to my aunts guest house, its out of the ward but we are going to talk to the bishop because we don't plan to live there for more than 3 or 4 months, then we plan to move back into the ward. Rent will be free, I can go down and visit my aunt who just had major back surgery a week ago and who needs help, Lupin will have a HUGE backyard to finally be a dog in, AND i don't have to walk like a mile to the gate just to let someone come in and visit! haha. We are looking to save up some money and then rent the house right next door to the Hatches (the young ones) which should be fun because they are awesome!

Third!!! THE GREAT!!!! (i saved this for last, hope you're still reading)
I'M PREGNANT! This was not planned, so it was a surprise, a BIG one. This is the main reason why we are moving out to save money for a real house. I took like 10 tests during this last week just to make sure and ALL said yes. its weird. I am only 20. But its kinda funny, last year a week before mothers day we got engaged, and now a week before mothers day we find out i am pregnant! We like to move fast i guess. We already have the names, if its a girl: Roxanne Anastasia Devey. if its a boy: Tristan Heath Devey. Yes i am a dork, The Roxanne is because i have always loved that name and because Roxanne Hale is the most awesome teen i could ever know, she is like my little sister. The Anastasia is because i used to watch that movie EVERYDAY with my grandma, i would just make the middle name my grandmas name, but lets face it, i don't want a baby Ruth HAHA! Tristan is because it is a very romantic name and i have always loved it. AND Heath............ I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Heath Ledger and was devastated when he died, and since hes death was accidental I am using it. Don't make fun of me too much, at least I'm not naming them Hermione or Ron!

That's pretty much the gist of whats going on now. There is more just I want to go home and watch my TV while i wait for Billy to drive back from Yuma with Brynn.

Till the next time....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new puppy, no internet again!!!!!!!

well i am on my friends laptop again at work. this will be short.
we got our puppy!!!!!!! he is a mini beagle that we named Lupin!!!!

isn't he a cutie?
anyways, that's all for now.